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Android user switches to iPhone for camera, reliability, apps

An interesting and detailed read today via an anonymous smart phone geek (link spotted at The Brooks Review) about his recent switch from a Motorola Droid to an iPhone 4 on Verizon. Three basic and pretty indisputable reasons offered: far superior camera, greater stability and greater simplicity when supporting others on the same phone (more intuitive, more apps etc).

Would you want to support this device?  If I had to give and Android Phone, or an iPhone to my mother, my non tech savvy co-worker or friend, and help them learn to use it, which would I rather do?  For me that question is an easy answer.   iPhone every time.  It’s simple enough I could hand it to my brother who has never had a smart phone and he is able to use it right out of the box, yet it has all the power to run the latest apps, which brings me to my final point.

-Technology Viewer, Feb 16, 2011

It does remind me of the old adage where you stand depends on where you sit. Having recently made the opposite journey with a Nexus S, at least until the iPhone 5 arrives, I miss none of those and appreciate the current strengths of Android, particularly voice-to-text, widgets and notifications. A fourth that Mr. Anonymous doesn't mention is better integration with all the many Google services I use. These are all involved in my core usage of the phone, things I do every day, dozens of times a day.

Complaints about unreliable hardware, differences from phone to phone, carrier crapware and so on don't apply to the Nexus S as much, either.

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