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Apple laptops more powerful than regular people need

As happened with high-end desktop computers, so may be happening with Apple's latest generation of Macbook Pros, theorizes 24/7 Wall Street's Doug McIntyre:

Apple may soon be undermined by its own technological prowess. The level of computing power in laptops has become extraordinary, so extraordinary that most buyers do not need it. There are few consumers who play complex games or require extra processors for complex tasks. Consumers may be more budget conscious with the recession just ended – not ended at all in some parts of the economy. Smartphones and tablet PCs may be easy to sell now. Their price points are in the hundreds of dollars. Their novelty is great. It is impossible to argue whether these new devices will sell as well a few years from now. Experts expect tablet PC sales will soar. It is a projection based on a forecast of human behavior and needs to be treated as such.

-24/7 Wall Street, Feb. 25, 2011

I don't agree that the trend is bad for Apple -- Apple is actually in the strongest position with tablets and smartphones. But I do think the newest MBPs are fast reaching the point of diminishing returns for regular computer users.

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