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Convergence of computer and mobile OSs coming to Apple

One of my themes on TOV is that the future of all computing is coming down to the level of a pocketable smart phone-like devices that will soon have all the computing power, storage and connectivity the average person needs. Leading the way in these early days is the overpriced Motorola Atrix 4G. Apple will surely be a player in this new world and some of the seeds are already planted, as Andy Ihnatko seems to get close to in a piece about the possible future convergence of iOS and Mac OS X:

Nope, an iOS takeover will never happen. iOS is fundamentally designed for mobile devices. Making it live up to all of the expectations of a desktop OS would be like adapting a car to suit the physiology, cognitive capacity, and daily commuter needs of a squirrel. Even the simplest part of the problem (“Should we even bother installing a CD player, or will a jack for the squirrel’s iPod be enough?”) convinces you that it’s a pointless exercise.

But Apple’s a company that learns from its failures and its successes. It’s also bold enough to try  something new and incompatible.What about a notebook that runs a new, third OS… called iX? What could Apple build out of best parts of iOS and Mac OS X?

-MacWorld, Feb. 12, 2011

The funny/sad thing is that no non-Apple products or tech really get mentioned in the piece, which leaves Ihnatko struggling to figure out why Apple would create iX and how it would be marketed. Step back from the Apple-only view, and it becomes more obvious. Future converged devices will switch into different "views" or quasi-operating systems depending on what they're connected to -- just a smart phone in your hand, a notebook shell, a desktop set-up or a high-def TV screen, to name but a few examples. The closer each view is to ever other view, the better the system works.

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