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Dave Churbuck: The Gilded Cage: Why My Next Tablet Won’t Be an iPad

I’m alarmed by Apple’s monopolistic moves towards publishers — and book sellers — that essentially forces them to sell content — books, movies, magazine subscriptions, through Apple’s commerce infrastructure. This tollbooth will jack content prices up, with the impact inevitably being handed down to me, the buyer. I am sick and tired of Apple’s proprietary/walled garden approach to their platform from the lack of Flash support to sticking guns into the sides of the third parties that have coalesced around the platform to make it so successful.

-Dave Churbuck, Feb. 16, 2011

I wonder how big an issue this becomes as Apple kicks out Kindle, Nook, Rhapsody, Hulu etc. Android tablets don't appear to be all that competitive so far -- I think the timing of Apple's subscription announcement after all the underwhelming Android tablets announcements last month is no coincidence.

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