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Future claim chowder for Ben Brooks on ereader apps

Ben Brooks has been among the more ardent defenders of Apple's new anti-competitive subscription rules. Today he's back with the admission that he doesn't really think ereader apps are getting the heave ho.

Even more people wrote in wondering how crazy I was for thinking that getting rid of all apps that act as ebook readers — except iBooks — is a good thing. I don’t and I doubt those apps are going away. Apple thinks this stuff through and I am confident that the complete picture has yet to be painted, be patient

-The Brooks Review, Feb. 17, 2011

Time will tell on that score.

As far as booting out Netflix, Hulu, Rhapsody etc, Ben seems nonplussed. How the loss of favorite entertainment applications for millions of iOS users isn't a really bad thing for users I'm not sure. What Ben may not appreciate is that Hollywood, book publishers and big record labels demand a percentage cut of all online revenue so there's no price at which the 30% cut to Apple can work for these services.

(Updated 2/17 to make clearer TOV isn't attacking anyone's intellect)

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  1. I bet he does understand all the metrics at play and that assumptions of intelligence should not be gleaned because you disagree with the logic of the argument.

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