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Gassee spots lots of trees, misses forest on Mac/iOS future

Former Apple honcho and current VC Jean-Louis Gassée has some thoughts up in his Monday morning note about the future of the Macintosh computer. He's spotted a bunch of the clues Apple has left lying in the open, including the greater sales of mobile devices, the app-ification of mainstream software on the mac and the forthcoming "Lion" operating system that brings much from iOS land to desktop computers.

But Gassée is almost laughably off the mark by the end when he determines this means Apple is planning some kind of horrible touch-screen tablet laptop that looks something Bill Gates unveiled in 2001.

The real "forest" theme here is the inevitably growing computing power and storage of smart phones that will soon be more than adequate to perform all the tasks most people want performed by the computers. Just like most people moved from desktops to laptops, they'll next move to smart phones plus various docking stations. And they'll need a consistent operating system experience that can scale from tiny screen to big screen. Hence the iOS/Mac OS X convergence.

The piece is at Monday Morning Note, Feb. 13, 2011.

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