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Google and Apple’s common adversary? The mobile carriers

Shh, don't tell Verizon and AT&T, but I think indie mobile analyst Horace Dediu hits the nail on the head in his post today, "Google and Apple as mobile co-belligerents." Far to much is made of the areas where the two innovative tech giants are fighting while their areas of mutual warfare against others is overlooked.

The concept of “co-belligerence” may describe the relationship: The state of fighting against a common adversary without a formal alliance and without a guarantee of non-agression against each other.

The common adversary is the telecom industry. It’s an industry being undermined by the technological change of mobile computing and its profits are up for grabs. Apple and Google have different approaches in implementing this change but in the end they dismantle and absorb profits from the same target.

-Asymco, Feb. 23, 2011

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