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Ken Doctor explains all about Apple, Google’s subscription plans

Ken Doctor at Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab has a comprehensive analysis up of Apple's new subscription offerings from the point of view of the news business dubbed The Newsonomics of Apple/Press+/Google’s pay-for-all. I think he misses or mis-explains the most anti-competitive aspect: if you sell digital content or subscriptions anywhere, you must sell the same stuff through Apple on your app at the same price but giving Apple a 30% cut. But generally it is very good and worth reading in full. One bit that caught my eye:

Isn’t it great that Apple has such a strict privacy policy, collecting only certain pieces of profile info, if buyers opt in? That’s their strict policy for publishers. Remember that Apple’s 160 million account holders have provided names, e-mail addresses,  credit cards — and lots of preferences. We gave those up willingly way back. And you can bet that Apple plans to use that data to do two kinds of targeting in the future: 1) targeted advertising, through its iAds program, initiated last year for iPhone and iPad ad placements; 2) targeted content (and music and video and…) buying, as it collects all the aggregate information about its customers’ reading, browsing, and buying habits over time. Over time, Apple becomes more like Amazon in anticipating our very wants.

-Nieman blog, Feb. 17, 2011

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