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MobileMe to become mash-up of every social service on earth?

Leander Kahney has a post up called  More Detail On Apple’s Plans For MobileMe: Think FaceBook, Foursquare & uStream. In it, he claims the new MobileMe may include (excerpted):

The centerpiece of the new MobileMe services is a dynamic webpage that sounds like a mashup of Facebook, Foursquare and Ustream

Apple is also working on a geo-tagging service called “Tokens” that sounds like a mashup of Facebook Places, iWant and Twinkle

Either way, Apple’s plans look really ambitious: every location-based service you can think of mashed up into one — and built into iOS.

This would have to make Foursquare, Gowolla, and the like a bit nervous.

-Excerpts from Cult of the Mac, Feb. 16, 2011

So how's that Ping thing going?

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