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Too many weaknesses for Xoom to take off

We already knew the Motorola Xoom tablet was in trouble with its sky-high price and the not-ready-for-primetime software. But now that the Xoom is available and the review are out, there are just too many caveats and disadvantages versus the iPad for this thing to take off. And that's BEFORE Apple unveils its 2nd gen iPad next week.

As Engadget's Josh Topolosky concluded in his lengthy review, "Honeycomb and the Xoom are spectacular -- unfortunately they're a spectacular work in progress."

Among the new issues raised:

  • 30% worse battery life than the iPad, Walter Mossberg reports (though Engadget has it as a only a 13% gap)
  • No way to purchase movie and TV shows, cutting out one of the main uses of our iPads
  • Despite premium price, some features are missing or non-functional like the micro-SD memory card slot and Flash support. What does that communicate to potential buyers?

One piece of good news in a follow-up to Sunday's crazy Best Buy ad claiming that even for wifi-only use, you had to purchase  at least one month of a data plan. Nope.

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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