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Amazon could be the other big tablet player

As the tablet market looks increasingly like a one horse race, pundits have turned their hopes to Amazon. The company's Kindle e-reader is a big success and Barnes & Noble has already turned its similar e-reader into an Android-based tablet. Dan Frommer over at the Business Insider offers a list of reasons why Amazon might be well-positioned to make a tablet, including:

Amazon builds good hardware. The new Kindle is no iPad, but it's definitely the best at what it's trying to be -- an e-reader. It's slim, lightweight, and attractive. And Amazon has sold more Kindles over the last several years than most companies have sold of any tablet-shaped devices.

Amazon is ambitious and sees ahead of slower competitors. It was way ahead of the field with Amazon Web Services. We could see it making similarly smart, forward-thinking bets. The tablet market is far from figured out long-term.

-Business Insider, March 23, 2011

Could well be. And they've got the ecosystem after this week's launch of an Android app store. I'm a big fan of the Kindle, the Amazon MP3 store is usually cheaper than iTunes and we use Amazon's video downloading and rental service via our Tivo.

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