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Amazon wins race for cloud music service (updated)

Ben Parr over at Mashable has a quick review up of the new Amazon music service that uploads your songs to the web and gives you streaming access via any computer or Android phone (but not the iPhone or iPad right now) .


Even from my short test, it became apparent that Amazon wasn’t launching some half-baked product; Cloud Player is a fully-functional, very usable streaming music player that could even make iTunes obsolete for many people, and its ability to play on-device and cloud-based music could quickly make it Android's killer app.
-Mashable, March 29 2011

UPDATE: Sounds like Amazon took a big short cut to hit first. Unlike Google and Apple, which are reportedly negotiating with the record labels for their cloud music services, Amazon didn't ask for permission first, Bruce Houghton at hypebot notes:

"We don't need a license to store music. The functionality is the same as an external hard drive," according to Craig Pape, director of music at Amazon.  But not everyone agrees.  Sources tell Hypebot that Warner Music Group is particularly upset by Amazon's unlicensed launch and considering how to react.  WMG, may however, find that other labels aren't ready to join them in a fight with Amazon.  "It's about time someone did this and we're just glad its not Apple," one label source shared privately. "It will push other negotiations forward."

-hypebot, March 29, 2011

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