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Apple rules rule out print/online combo subscriptions

More confirmation about the problems with the new Apple iOS app subcription rules from the FT's Digital Media and Broadcasting conference today. There's no way to offer a combined print and online subscription under Apple's rules, publishing types said.

Apple has created a third headache for newspapers and magazines, said Steve Brill, co-founder of Press+, which helps publishers implement the kind of digital subscription models the New York Times has spent more than a year getting right.

While publishers would love to offer print and digital bundles to preserve their profitable print business a little longer, “there really isn’t any way the iTunes store can do that,” he said, to nods of agreement from Mr Sulzberger. Other publishers confirmed that even if Apple were passing on the addresses they need to get newspapers to subscribers’ doors, they have no desire to hand over 30 per cent of their print revenues to Steve Jobs’ company.

-FT TechHub blog, March 2, 2011

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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