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Apple’s rules are good for new publishing models

Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps had some interesting comments at the paidContent conference in New York today -- and I'm not usually a big fan of Forrester, which has been way, way off on the ebook wave for years now. We're in agreement, however, that whatever else Apple's iOS app subscription rules may do, they're definitely great for upstart, made-for-mobile publishers.

Epps suggested the companies which succeed on iOS devices are probably the new ones, able to script a business, from scratch, specifically for the new rules. “Innovation is coming from companies that have no legacy business model to defend,” she said. “Trying to force a legacy model on to this device when Apple’s model doesn’t work like that is going to become especially painful.”

In that regard, what works? Epps cited the surprising example of Splashtop, a freemium iPad remote desktop app whose publisher stretches its premium price “dynamically” between $1.99 and $9.99. “They realised, the more frequently they change the price of the app, the better it sells, because there are these app deals websites that tell people, ‘There’s a deal on Splashtop today.”, March 3, 2011

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