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Better cloud storage needed to tie up the loose ends

Cloud-based apps and even Google's cloud-based operating system, Chrome, have a problem with files. One cloud service may store files in its own online locker, another may rely on Dropbox, a third is compatible with Flickr. But there's no universal storage that all, or at least most, cloud apps can access. Jared Newman at Technologizer is looking for Google to tie it all together:

If Google were to create its own storage service (like the mythical GDrive), I’m sure you’d see support from a lot of web services. At that point, Cloud Save becomes the missing link that lets users save files without local storage. In Google’s ideal world, Cloud Save, or something like it, would be an integral part of the operating system, not a random third-party extension.

-Technologizer, March 7, 2011

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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