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Bizarre anti-Kindle analysis from Adam Engst

Tidbits publisher Adam Engst was interviewed by eReaderJoy last month and got some link love from DaringFireball today. Gruber was interested in Engst's whining about how hard Apple has made it for small publishers to work with the iBookstore.

More revealing to me was Engst's bizarre and patronizing rant on the success of the Amazon Kindle:

One thing that I think is potentially helping the Kindle is that Apple has become so large and so dominant that buying a Kindle is almost an act of rebellion. People go on about how the Kindle is great because there are no other distractions and because you can read it in direct sunlight and whatnot, but my feeling is that they're really saying "I'm avoiding the iPad because I don't want to be seen as slavishly buying everything Apple releases."

-eReaderJoy, Feb. 25, 2011

What can one say to such gibberish? WTF?

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