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Deflating some of the iPhone’s perfect design hype

Excellent piece deconstructing much that is wrong with the iPhone user interface when it comes to actually making calls, sending texts, looking up contacts -- doing almost anything that involves communicating with people.

People are the most important entities on a phone. We call, text, poke, tweet and email people all the time. I’m not saying everything needs to be people-centric - that only works for apps like Facebook - but why can’t my phone favorites have their pictures added to my homescreen, for example? Why isn’t there a view where I can see my frequently called friends, so I dont have to manually create a favorites list? Why do apps get so much UI love and your friends & family don’t? Because Apple doesn’t get 30% when you make a friend.

-Kingsley 2.0 blog, March 28, 2011

This is an issue I've been harping on and a major advantage for Android if you are the sort of smart phone user who makes calls, sends texts and emails and wants to have a people-centric mobile experience. The Nexus S allows me to add pictures to the home screen with a nifty pop-up menu of all the ways to contact that contact, automatically populates a section of favorite contacts with most frequent contacts and so on.

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