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Flash still in use at half major web sites

A current survey of thousands of the most popular web sites finds that Adobe's Flash software is present on almost half, 47% as of March 29. That's down from 56% when the survey was initiated back in October 2010 but still a sizable proportion. Personally, I regularly hit sites with the iPad where I can't watch videos such as

There is one limitation in the data -- the survey of each web site indicated it was using the Internet Explorer 8 browser. It's quite possible that some sites serve a flash-based page to IE users but a non-flash page to an iPad or iPhone browser user.

But despite that limitation, seems like Apple has yet to kill off flash.

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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  1. From ubiquity to 47% in 46 months. That’s an alarming melting rate.

    I wonder if it’s a steady erosion or if the loss is accelerating.

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