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Google’s stand on principle against China was costly

The Wall Street Journal outlines just how much business Google has lost since last year when it decided to stop allowing Chinese censorship of its services. The principled stand came at a high cost, with one VC saying the company has "just basically descending into irrelevancy here." And remember that the decision created a rift inside Google, too.

Google's top executives were split about how to handle China ahead of last year's decision, executives have said, with co-founder Sergey Brin particularly unhappy over the country's strict censorship rules. Then-Chief Executive Eric Schmidt, who initially advocated opening a search engine in China, resisted Mr. Brin's push to cease censoring, people familiar with the matter have said. Google announced in January that co-founder Larry Page will replace Mr. Schmidt as CEO starting Monday. Mr. Schmidt is remaining as executive chairman.

-WSJ, March 31, 2011

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