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Gruber still at it: Amazon’s bad doesn’t justify Apple’s

Gruber back with more, complaining that Amazon's Kindle subscription terms are even worse than Apple's.

So why aren’t those who are criticizing Apple for taking a 30 percent cut of subscription revenue criticizing Amazon? My theory: everyone understands, intuitively, that the Kindle is a closed proprietary platform; but many people view iOS (incorrectly) as a platform like the Mac or Windows, where third parties are free to do what they want.

-DaringFireball, March 2, 2011

Not only do two wrongs not make a right but Amazon has been flambéed over its terms, particularly after the publisher of the Dallas Morning News complained at a Senate hearing a few years ago.

And as Gruber seems to almost grasp, the stakes are much different. Kindle had potential to carry some newspaper and magazine subscriptions to some millions of Kindle customers. Apple's iOS is vying to become THE post-PC platform of the future. Already some 100 million, 150 million plus users are moving their online and digital habits in reading, viewing, listening, creating, photographing, coding and everything else to iOS.

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