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HTC ThunderBolt outselling iPhone 4 at some Verizon stores (Updated)

Piecyk and his team made calls to 150 different Verizon Wireless stores across 22 major U.S. cities, asking which device was selling better. According to the analyst’s report, 61% of stores said the two devices were selling at about the same rate, 11% said the iPhone 4 was selling faster and 28% said they were selling more ThunderBolt smartphones than iPhones.

-BGR, March 31, 2011

Would be real interesting to know how many of the cities had LTE turned on and the breakdown for just those areas.

UPDATE: Los Angeles Examiner reporter Daryl Deino called 20 stores in the L.A. area, where Verizon turned on LTE last year, and found 55% said the iPhone was selling better, 35% the Thunderbolt and 10% declined to answer. He had a simple explanation for Angelinos' preferences:

The iPhone certainly makes a bigger style statement than the Thunderbolt, which is why it is selling better in Los Angeles

-L.A. Examiner Tech Gear Blog, March 31, 2011

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  1. …so what you are saying is; that a phone released a month ago – is selling more, in some places, than a phone coming to the end of it’s product cycle from 9 months ago.
    Don’t let anyone tell you that your articles aren’t brilliant.