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iPhone 5 delay increases odds of 4G

MG Siegler says there's some possible upside to a delay in the release of the next version of the iPhone. Waiting until October or later could give Apple a chance to incorporate faster "LTE" mobile broadband service.

And it may prove to be worth the wait. TechCrunch contributor Steve Cheney (who nailed the timing of the Verizon iPhone last year), believes that a fall iPhone 5 launch makes LTE much more likely. He currently puts the odds at zero to ten percent for LTE if the iPhone 5 launched this summer (again, not happening), 50 percent if it comes in the fall, and 100 percent if it comes in January.

A fall timeframe would give Apple a more vetted and lower power Qualcomm chip for LTE, Cheney says. When the Verizon iPhone was unveiled in January, Apple COO Tim Cook addressed the LTE issue directly. “The first generation LTE chipsets force some design compromises. Some of which we would not make,” he said. If Cheney is right, that may not be such an issue later this year.

-Techcrunch, March 28, 2011

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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