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Jeff Bezos is not a sensible billionaire

Apple follower and savvy tech columnist Andy Ihnatko has some great thoughts about why Amazon might decide to start selling an Android-based tablet to go head-to-head with the iPad. My favorite reason is that Amazon is run by Jeff Bezos, a true tech visionary.

Many companies are run by Sensible Billionaires. They’re usually very handsome and/or very pretty and they photograph exceptionally well. But these people are next to useless when it comes to pushing technology forward. Almost any company headed by a Sensible Billionaire will inevitably wind up like either Microsoft (an old-money establishment whose continued wealth derives from interest on capital that was built generations ago) or Google (a company that’s distracted by so many different projects and interests that nothing is ever allowed to succeed or fail enough to make any real impact).

No. Listen to me: Jeff Bezos has his own space program. I never tire of saying that. This is clearly not a man who’s intimidated by the scale of a project or the expense. If there’s a real chance of success, he’s willing to pour in the money, the focus and the motivation that are necessary for his people make it happen.

- Chicago Sun-Times, March 23, 2011

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