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Lengthy comparison of latest Android phones

Wired has gathered together all their recent Android phone reviews in a long slide show but you can see the whole thing on one page here. Highlights for me:

Terrence Russell on the HTC Inspire: "Though my inner phone fashionista was a little deflated, there’s actually very little to knock. Save for eyesores like a finicky battery door and an oddly placed headphone jack, the Inspire is extremely responsive, easy to use, and, even with the exceedingly large screen, it’s comfortable in the hand. Like most slate phones, its overall looks are designed to take a back seat to the big screen, where all the e-mailing, browsing, YouTubing and sexting happen, so we can’t fault it too much for being a wallflower."

Matthew Honan on the Nexus S: "Let’s get this out of the way first: The Nexus S is an excellent phone. It’s not as nice as an iPhone 4 as a complete package. But it’s a great phone on its own merits, and it does even do many things better (connectivity, media-sharing, background processes and notifications). You very well may prefer this to an iPhone, but it is not an iPhone. If you want an iPhone, you should buy an iPhone. Phew. Now g’head, flame away."

And maybe best of all, this picture of Wired pouring rootbeer all over the water-resistant Motorola Dey:


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