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Louis Gray’s Apple-free SXSW trip

Blogger and web consultant Louis Gray has been out ahead of the building Android movement for a while. So perhaps it's no surprise to learn that despite his digital guru status, he attended the South by Southwest conference equipped solely with Google-powered gear. Supplementing his Android phone and Galaxy Tab, Gray also brought one of the Chrome-powered CR-48 laptops.

As noted in my initial feedback on the Cr-48 at the end of the year, the device sports an incredible battery life, approaching that of the exceptional span seen in tablets from Apple's iPad to Android tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Instead of the less than two hours of uptime I've come to expect from my MacBook Air during typical use, the CR-48 easily bests six hours of steady work, and probably can do eight if I'm not making it sweat.

Meanwhile, as regular event goers know, between 3G network access and WiFi, it's not uncommon for one or both to be down at a megaconference like SXSW, even with great planning and best intentions. The CR-48 gives me something of an escape hatch - coming with 100 MB of free 3G network traffic from Verizon, which I tapped into a couple times with WiFi going wonky. This isn't an option on the MacBook Air, of course, barring the laptop's tapping into my Android through a WiFi hotspot., March 11, 2011

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