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Making bad excuses for non-Apple tablets

Almost any company could put together a more powerful or spec-heavy tablet, but all the horsepower in the world can't help you if you don't find a way to delight the average consumer. Those other tablet makers may have superior hardware (and in the case of the Xoom, some superior software as well), but without that key component of sheer delight, the road for them is long and hard.

-Joshua Topolsky in Engadget, March 3, 2011

I totally disagree with Josh here. Another case of tech pundits getting much too caught up in the tech world's own little debates. The problem isn't that other tablet makers can't create "magic" and "delight." That's nonsense. And Apple is more than happy to promote certain very specific specs of its devices (retina screen, super thinness, dual core processors etc) while leaving out others (RAM!).

The problem for other tablet makers is much simpler though not easy by any stretch. First, they haven't been able to match or exceed any of the iPad's critical strengths, particularly its entry PRICE and range and quality of apps. And, second, they haven't spent millions upon millions of dollars running great television ads (they have wasted money on some pretty crummy ads).

But other companies besides Apple have cracked this nut, including Amazon Kindle, BMW, Charles Schwab and, once upon a time, Microsoft.

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