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Mobile OS wars – have we seen this picture before?

Tech consultant Jacques Mattheij has been watching hype ebb and flow for many years now and he's getting a bit fed up with all the chatter around the war of mobile operating systems. the big winner will one, or no one company, he argues.

The web, which started out as a very limited collection of linked pages with crummy images is now a full-fledged application delivery platform and it's getting better with every day that passes. Some of the tech is still pretty messy but that too will change, with every new library that is released some pain point is removed and changed into a single function call. JQuery alone probably saved more man-years that you could easily account for.

I think the whole 'war for mobile' will end in exactly the same way as the war for the desktop did. The web standards,phones and browsers will adapt to the point where 'always on' is the norm, all traffic including voice is data and 'apps' will be delivered through the web rather than installed from an App store. Someone might even win the war and end up with an end-run around their victory by the users that simply use whatever browser they've got and they won't care one bit what OS their phone runs., March 26, 2011.

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