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More specs on iPad competition without much more competition

Lots of news arriving from the CTIA conference in Orlando. Samsung and Research in Motion revealed a bunch more about their upcoming tablet offerings today. I don't think Apple is quaking in its boots, yet, though.

RIM's new Playbook will arrive next month matching the iPad's $499 for 16GB up to $699 for 64GB wifi-only pricing. Of course, the Playbook has only a 7" screen and seems to need a Blackberry smart phone to do some stuff. Does not sound like much of an iPad replacement.

Samsung's more varied offerings begin arriving on June 8. The 10.1" screen Tab with wifi-only comes in at -- surprise -- the iPad standard $499/16GB and $599/32GB prices. The 8.9" screen version, which actually still has the vague "summer" arrival date, chops $30 off each price, offering a new low entry point for tablet buyers.

But not sure there is enough to get excited about. You get Android instead of iOS. You get removable flash memory storage and somewhat-shaky flash web player. They also seem to be a little thinner than the iPad2. No iTunes video replacement, though.

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