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New BitBop video service for Android promising but lacking

Amid the wreckage and fragmentation that is the Android TV and movie scene, we've got a new player with some promising features. But ultimately BitBop is not ready for prime time, alas.

Have I mentioned there are a dearth of options for watching TV shows and movies on Android devicesYeah? Well, while we wait for the possible arrival of Netflix and Hulu Plus for Android, I’m just trying out a new offering called BitBop on my T-Mobile Nexus S.

It’s very early days yet but it has potential to be pretty good. The interface is snappy and simple and it’s the first widely available Android video service I know of that lets you download shows to your phone for viewing offline (you can also stream while online). Unfortunately, the content and pricing leave BitBop in the dust compared with the offerings on the iPhone from iTunes, Netflix and several others., March 25, 2011


Posted by Aaron Pressman

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