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Not so Post-PC, the pain that is iTunes

Amidst a great interview with TheSetUp (where, by the way, almost all the interviews are great), British writer Warren Ellis demolishes iTunes for Windows:

I hateĀ iTunes for Windows. I have to use it to sync my iPhone. iTunes for Windows is why I've never considered buying a Mac. iTunes for Windows should be a glittering example of The Apple Way for Windows users. Instead, it's a clunky, stupid, greedy, ugly shitbox of an application that makes Windows users hate Apple. They make a nice phone, sure, but iTunes for Windows ensures that I'll never let Apple near a critical workflow.

But I'm stuck with it, because I need it to organise, appify and sync my iPhone. Bastards.

("Appify" is a real word that I just made up. I've won awards for writing. Shut up.)

I personally believe that the first step to improving things would be to see to it that, every Monday morning, on arriving for work, the iTunes For Windows dev team were punched in the throat by Liam Neeson.

-TheSetUp, March 5, 2011

And for the curious, so jealous am I of SetUp interviewees, I did my own mock interview of myself back when the site had a slightly different look & feel.

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