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Problems cropping up in newest Macbook Pros (Updated)

Long, long thread on Apple's support forum about overheating and crashing problems with the new line of Macbook Pros that feature Intel "Sandy Bridge" processors and the Thunderbolt port. Uh oh.

UPDATE: Looks like iFixit was out in front of this problem, after discovering excessive thermal paste in their MacBook Pro tear-down:

Holy thermal paste! Time will tell if the gobs of thermal paste applied to the CPU and GPU will cause overheating issues down the road.

Absurd amounts of pre-applied thermal paste may cause problems down the road.

One thing that has us a little concerned about the new models is their quality control. A stripped screw near the subwoofer enclosure and an unlocked ZIF socket for the IR sensor should not be things found inside a completely unmolested computer with an $1800 base price.

-iFixIt, Feb. 24, 2011

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