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Seeking multiple user accounts on the iPad

Taylor Clausen has an iPad and one of Google's new experimental Chrome-based laptops, the CR-48. The Google laptop stores almost everything online in the cloud so when he signs off and his wife signs on, its a quick, easy and complete conversion. On the iPad, not so much.

My favorite thing about the notebook is how it handles different user accounts. There’s no bloated obnoxious user-switching feel created by Windows. It just works. I believe that Google is really on to something here. In my house, an iPad is great for certain purposes, but ran into some serious hiccups. Apple intentionally designs their devices for a single user. If my wife and I each had our own iPad, that wouldn’t be a problem. But that’s just too cost prohibitive to ever be realistic in my mind. Google nailed this. In a perfect world, sure–every single person would have their own device–but Google made this device just as effective in a sharing environment.

-TC's Blog, March 3, 2011

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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