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Super duper port shows up on HTC Android Phones

The Android Police has discovered an interesting port on some of the upcoming Android phones from HTC. Instead of the usual two port combo of micro-USB (for syncing and charging) along with HDMI (for video output), the new HTC Evo 3G phone has just one port dubbed the "Mobile High-Definition Link" that does it all. And the coolest part? Charge your phone from your TV.

The MHL port itself is backwards compatible with any MicroUSB cable you plug into it and automatically detects whether it should transfer data or audio/video. Speaking of the latter, MHL natively supports 8-channel audio and full 1080P HD video. Not bad, eh?
The first and only device that supported MHL until today’s EVO announcement was the Samsung Galaxy S II, and TVs with built-in MHL support should be arriving sometime in Q2 2011. It’s not exactly ideal, but don’t rush out to buy a new TV just yet. You can either do away without charging or get a special adaptor that allows connecting both HDMI and MicroUSB cables into a single MHL port, thus enabling charging (watch the video below to see what the adaptor looks like).

- Android Police, March 23, 2011

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