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Trail of tears and broken dreams follows iPad2

Apple's iPad2 has, as expected, crushed the tablet competition -- even competition that's yet to arrive. From Engadget, news that Samsung is freaking out over its upcoming 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab:

Samsung will be rethinking its pricing strategy with the Tab 10.1. It was originally going to cost more than the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, but in light of Apple's new product, Samsung might have to cut into its profit margins... or maybe even forgo profits altogether to make its new Tab a success.

-Engadget, March 4, 2011

And from Android and Me, news of a $100 coupon from Motorola to cut the price of their 3G-enabled Xoom to $699, or about $30 under a comparable iPad2.

I don’t know how long this particular deal is going to last so if you are interested you should probably get in on it as soon as possible. Just make your way to the Motorola Store and enter the code MOTOXOOM when you get to the checkout page and be sure to select 2-day shipping as that is free for the taking.
At $699 the Xoom, which is already more than a match for the iPad 2 by the specs, would take a slight lead in pricing as well so hopefully Motorola makes this a permanent price cut sooner rather than later., March 4, 2011

John Gruber aptly sums up what's going on, like we've been saying at TOV for a couple of weeks:

In his conclusion, Jobs said, “It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology is not enough.” That’s what separates Apple from everyone else, and the iPad epitomizes it. It’s better designed, has more developer support, and it’s cheaper. There are aspects of this that Apple’s competitors seemingly can’t copy — lower prices from economies of scale, amazing battery life, UI responsiveness, build quality.

-DaringFireball, March 3, 2011

Right on.

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