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Video on Android is a mess, MLB edition

John Gruber's dickishness quotient seems higher than usual lately (John, the iPad2 has sucky cameras!) but you can't fault his post about the Major League Baseball app for Android:

MLB At Bat 11 is available for $15 (same as the iPhone and iPad apps)on Android Market:

Opening Day 2011 is March 31. Additional features and functionality for the award-winning At Bat 11, including mobile access to live streaming video on select Android devices for MLB.TV subscribers, will be released for Opening Day.

How does one find out which Android devices are “select”?

-DaringFireball, March 10, 2011

I spent a while messing around on the MLB web site and there's no obvious place to find the answer to that question. Video on Android has been and remains a huge gaping mess and light years behind the orderly and multi-faceted ecosystem for Apple iOS devices. By contrast, video offerings for Android devices vary by device maker, carrier and day of the week.

I purchased the MLB Android app for $15 and it is letting me view delayed highlight videos from spring training on my Nexus S via T-Mobile's network. So for now it appears that the MLB At Bat 2011 video plays fine on the Nexus S.

UPDATE: The app market now lists 11 phones compatible with video subscriptions including the Nexus S.


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