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What if a real newspaper ran headlines that lied

Jim Dalrymple has a real WTF column up about Google's decision to delay releasing the underlying software code of "Honeycomb," the tablet version of its Android operating system. Android is open source software and that means the underlying code should be made public. Google says it will in a few months.

Dalrymple, whining that not enough people are clicking on his stories, sorry, I mean that not enough people whined about the delayed code release, starts off on the wrong foot with a headline that's just flat-out wrong:

Google delays Honeycomb tablet OS; what if that was Apple

Unfortunately for Jim, there was no "delay" in the release of the software. It's on the Motorola Xoom tablet you can buy in stores right now and several others coming to market in the next few weeks.

Then he launches into some weird b.s. comparing the delayed code release to Apple delaying the scheduled release of the iPad 2. Huh? Honeycomb tablets haven't been delayed. No product has been delayed.

It's more like when Apple puts a bunch of features in an upcoming beta version of its OS and then releases the final software with some missing. Or how about when Apple crows that an upcoming feature will do all sorts of amazing things -- like let you print from an iPad -- but when the software comes out you can only print if you have one of 11 specific HP-branded printers that just came out.¹

Finally, the whining that there hasn't been enough whining:

Google deserves some kudos for not releasing a half-baked OS, but I don’t understand why more people aren’t up in arms about this. Open source executive Dave Rosenberg described Google’s delay “as an affront to hard-core open-source enthusiasts,” but that’s about all that was said.

Where are the mainstream press articles tearing Google up over this? While there are a few comments, many of the articles I’ve seen told Google’s story and stopped there.

- TheLoop, March 29, 2011

Aside from the fact that this isn't true, there was a ton of criticism piled on Google -- criticism which I'll address soon in a full post -- including in the original Bloomberg Businessweek article that broke the story.

More importantly, who cares how many critics can dance on the head of a pin?It's reminiscent of one of John Gruber's worst DaringFireball columns when he freaked out that Wall Street Journal reviewer Walt Mossberg had some few minor bad things to say about the iPad2. The diss measuring of some Apple fans is getting a bit much. Time to move on, people.



¹Even today, four months later, despite blaring headlines on Apple's site about printing from your iPad, Airprint only works with 17 new model HP printer. Super lame.

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  1. Jim’s article was sloppy and didn’t make much sense but he was grasping towards something: Andoid is sold to the community as being open source, that any company or individual can use it and modify it.

    Google has restricted access to Honeycomb to a small, select group of companies and has refused to say when it might be available to anyone else. Nobody outside of that small cadre can even see the source to being working on their tablets.

    So yes, there are potentially hundreds of tablets that have been delayed because Google gets to pick and choose who they bless.