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Xoom sales are either extremely strong or very weak

From the Department of the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler come conflicting reports about the first week of sales of the new Motorola Xoom Android tablet.

Yesterday, speaking at an analyst conference, Verizon Chief Financial Officer Fran Shammo said the Xoom has sold "extremely well" and that 60% of buyers are new to Verizon.

But today, analyst Trip Chowdhry at Global Equities Research claims Xoom sales are “very weak" and argues the device basically stinks. And by the way, Chowdhry has a "buy" rating on Google's stick, according to Barron's so he's no Apple partisan.

Only one of these guys is correct. My money is on the analyst.

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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  1. The analyst is lying. His firm covers Apple and if you google Trip Chowdry, the ‘analyst’ you’ll see he’s a long time Apple Pimp who bashes all things Android regularly

    I was actually in a Best Buy today to see the XOOM and played with it for a half hour without a glitch. In addition the asst manager of the store got to talking and he said they were sold out of the XOOM and that most of the stores in the NY area were having a hard time keeping stock because they were selling so many XOOMs. This ‘analyst’ is doing what analysts do…lying to manipulate opinion.

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