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Your agency on PCs — not Macs

Very long and interesting explanation from Eric Karjaluoto, creative director at smashLAB, about why they are converting all their Macs to Windows. Surprising, detailed and insightful. I'd be interested in what people who run a small or medium-size business think.

I never thought I’d say this, but the Apple of 2011 looks a lot like the Microsoft of 1998. At the time, Microsoft seemed like they were hell-bent on “owning” computing. Perhaps they were, but, what finally led to the anti-trust suit was the bundling of their browser with the OS. In light of the stuff that Apple’s pulling these days, I can’t imagine it being long before Apple’s monopolization of sectors becomes an increasingly common cause for concern. Perhaps I’m getting carried away here, but when I see Apple’s practices with publishers, and the App Store approval process, I’m increasingly weary. This post has gone on too long to get into this in greater depth, but Jobs and Co. don’t really seem like the “good guys” any longer.

ideasonideas blog, March 31, 2011

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