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Amazon incident proves the power of the cloud

While much of the major media leaps to the exact wrong lessons from last week's AWS outage, George Reese explains it all. Developers that set up their Amazon accounts robustly saw no service interruptions.

As I stated earlier, this outage highlights the power of cloud computing. What about Netflix, an AWS customer that kept on going because they had proper "design for failure"? Try doing that in your private IT infrastructure with the complete loss of a data center. What about another AWS/enStratus startup customer who did not design for failure, but took advantage of the cloud DR capabilities to rapidly move their systems to California? What startup would ever have been able to relocate their entire application across country within a few hours of the loss of their entire data center without already paying through the nose for it?

These kinds of failures don't expose the weaknesses of the cloud—they expose why the cloud is so important.

-O'Reilly Radar blog, April 23, 2011

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