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An experiment in going Google Free

Joe Wilcox over at Beta News is trying an experiment to see how his life will be affected by ceasing to use all the many, many Google services he relies on currently. Should be very interesting. Seems like the basics of search, browsing, email, e-books and the like will be easy to replace. Re-coding a web site to switch off Google Analytics and replacing Google Maps may be tougher.

I'm not saying the switch will be permanent, because I can't guess what my feelings or necessities will be at the end. But I'll go as far as possible, before giving up. Zero Google products or services -- again, just those personally used by me -- is the ultimate goal. This exercise will be great opportunity to shake up habits and thinking -- like my two separate weeks using Google's Cr-48 laptop running Chrome OS, once optionally and another time out of necessity. Change is good.

-Betanews, April 5, 2011

Posted by Aaron Pressman

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