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Android in China is much less Google-y

A lot of Android's worldwide marketshare comes from handsets in China, where over half of smart phones now run some version of the operating system. But it's a different beast with less connection to Google. And getting less so, Philippines-based blogger Francis Tan reports:

Yueguo Feng, general manager of Baidu’s wireless business unit, announced the company’s plans to further edge Google out of China by bringing Baidu search to Google-powered Android devices.

Feng said that 80% of the Android smartphones that will be sold in China will have Baidu as its default search engine, according to a report from TechWeb. This will further boost Baidu’s uncontested dominance in the country, holding about 75% of the search market. The details given regarding the initiative were sparse and the timeline of implementation wasn’t revealed.

-TheNextWeb, April 27, 2011

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