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Blame Amazon, blame Amazon

Sorry, I seem to have the South Park movie on the brain. ReadWriteWeb's Klint Finley says all the blame for the Amazon cloud-service outage belongs squarely with Amazon. Finley completely rejects the arguments made by George Reese and others that customers could have opted for more expensive (and more complicated) Amazon services that wouldn't have gone down. 

What the "they shouldn't have used EBS" argument comes down to is: customers are stupid for trusting AWS to provide the service promised. It's saying that customers that paid for multi-zone RDS replication should have expected 14+ hours of downtime. If AWS itself were to tell its customers "You should have known better than to trust our service," we would be up in arms - wouldn't we? 

I keep seeing similar arguments. "We shouldn't blame Dropbox for lying about its encryption, we should blame customers for trusting Dropbox." "We shouldn't blame Apple for not giving users control over their location logs, we should blame customers for expecting privacy." I'm sick of it. 

It might in fact be true that we can't expect vendors to provide customers' what they promise. But that is squarely on the shoulders of vendors, not the customers. And I'm sick of "savvy" pundits putting down customers and excusing failure and bad behavior on the part of companies. 

Yes, things happen. AWS is run by humans, and humans make mistakes. AWS deserves some forgiveness . But let's not forget who messed up. 

-ReadWriteWeb, April 25, 2011

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