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Contamination, not fragmentation troubling Android

Vlad Savov at Engadget has it just right on what's right and wrong with Android -- although he starts off repeating what I'd call the popular but oversimplified and mistaken explanation of why Google is doing Android. Skip down a few paragraphs to the part where he talks about the current state of Android and what the real problem is: Some of the carrier "tweaks" to Android stink and they need to get updates out faster.

The point is not that carrier or manufacturer customizations should be abandoned entirely (we know how much those guys hate standardization), it's that some of them are so poor that they actually detract from the Android experience. Going forward, it's entirely in Google's best interest to nix the pernicious effects of these contaminant devices and software builds. The average smartphone buyer is, ironically enough, quickly becoming a less savvy and geeky individual and he (or she) is not going to tolerate an inconsistent delivery on the promise contained in the word "Android."

-Engadget, April 9, 2011

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