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Flash has advantages for real users

Andy Ihnatko reviews some of the latest iPad competitors, the IM’s BlackBerry PlayBook and LG G-Slate. Read the full article for the ups and downs of both tablets (spoiler alert: neither bests the iPad 2). But I very much appreciate Ihnatko's user-oriented discussion of Flash compatibility. Apple fans could learn a lot.

It’s as simple as this: I can watch last night’s “Conan” and “The Colbert Report” and last week’s “The Amazing Race” on these tablets without any problems. On the iPad, I can’t. I like those shows. I therefore see this as a drawback of my iPad.

Hence, the Envy. Pulling out a little tablet and watching a recent TV show while you’re out enjoying a morning bagel is wonderful. Doubleplus-so if you’re doing it for free instead of for $1.99 per download.

The last twist of the knife: Apple claims that “no Flash” brings a few advantages to the iPad. Okay, well, if any of these advantages appeal to a G-Slate or PlayBook user, he or she can open a Preferences box and simply turn Flash off. Or, they can remove the plug-in entirely

-Chicago Sun-Times, April 22, 2011 (via DaringFireball)

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