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Hiner’s much needed Android phone leaderboard

One of the biggest problems with typical gadget reviews is the lack of context -- this phone is great but how does it compare to the last five phones you saw that were also great. Which one should I buy right now? The camera review site DPReview is one of the best at keeping track of a whole array of offerings and frequently updating its best overall buying advice.

So I was glad to see Jason Hiner over at ZDNet post a list of the top 10 Android phones as of right now. New phones are coming out all the time and just reading the reviews of each new device doesn't give enough information to make an informed choice. Obviously, iPhones don't have this problem, since there's just the one. But for Android, it's a necessity.

The new HTC Thunderbolt is the #1 #1. Here's Jason on his goals with the list:

This is a dangerous task because it is very subjective stuff. The smartphone that is the best fit for you is going to depend heavily on your needs and preferences. But, since I’ve had my paws on virtually all of the Android devices and I’ve written reviews of the best ones, I decided to rank them in terms of the overall quality of the devices. Since my audience is primarily IT and business professionals, I’ve developed this list with them in mind. A list aimed at consumers would certainly look a little different.

-ZDNet, April 4, 2011

The key to the list will be how frequently Jason updates it. Let's hope frequently!

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