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Motorola Xoom and Atrix dying in the market

As noted previously, the very cool Motorola Atrix 4G smart phone had an up hill climb given its sky high price and not-quite-ready-for-prime-time software. And the Xoom tablet, don't get me started again on the Xoom.

So not surprisngly Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette finds both are selling poorly. Eric Savitz from Forbes reports:

Faucette says channel checks find that sell-through trends for both the Xoom tablet and the Atrix smart phone – that’s the one that you can plug into a laptop-like companion device to take the place of a more conventional notebook PC – “have been disappointing.” He says the Atrix in particular has been hurt by competition from the $49 price points for the Apple 3GS and the HTC Inspire, keeping sales “well below forecast.”

-The Tech Trade Blog, April 5, 2011

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