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Not the briar patch: Google gets what it wants with ITA

Some silly wording today in a lot of the coverage of Google winning permission to acquire flight data provider ITA. Google is getting just what it wanted all along.

The Justice Department said Google will have to keep all of ITA's current clients, which include all the major travel web sites like Expedia and Hotwire, for five years and continue to maintain ITA's QPX software that the outside sites rely on.

So some coverage is highlighting the supposedly tough conditions forcing Google to maintain the clients and ITA's software. The funny part? That was Google's plan all along.

ITA has built a very successful QPX business, and we're looking forward to working with their current and future customers. Google will honor all existing agreements, and we're also enthusiastic about adding new partners.
-Marissa Mayer, July 1, 2010

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