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One cloud OS to rule them all and in the darkness bind them

Right now, there are many appealing cloud services, from Netflix streaming video to Facebook photo albums to Dropbox file syncing and on and on. Joshua Topolsky, talking about HP's upcoming new mobile platform WebOS, notes that there's a growing need to bring these services together and simplify the way we users interact with them.

With the proliferation of cloud-based services for images, music, video and so on, the complications for an average user to utilize and organize their content has become (and will become) increasingly chaotic and complex. Palm’s work with combined services in Synergy means that the company already has a leg up over the competition in making sense of the noise — which tells me that this is not only a place where HP can excel, it’s place where the company can win.

-This is my next blog, April 18, 2011

Check out the full article for Josh's explanation of how HP is creating a platform and a front-end that all kinds of online services can hook into.

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