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Run down of what bits of iOS needs fixin

Greg Kumparak has a useful top 10 list of what he'd like to see added to Apple's iOS 5 update that we're all expecting will be unveiled in June. In addition to stuff like wireless syncing, NFC support and background updating for third-party apps, the list begins with notifications, one of the most broken and most important parts of any smart phone software:

We’ve brought this one up a billion times, but I’ll bring it up a billion more times if we have to. Compared to even the weakest competitors, iOS’ current notification system is absolutely friggin’ laughable. It was understandable, up to a point; back in the ol’ days before the App Store, the only notifications iOS really had to worry about were incoming text messages and the occasional alarm. Toss in a dozen third party apps all crying for your attention, though, and it becomes nigh-impossible to finish a single game of Tiny Wings without wanting to send your handset itself flying off a hill.

-MobileCrunch, April 1, 2011

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