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Stupidity on fire today, Apple folk

After getting all in a lather over a piece in which the entire anti-Google premise is voiced by Nokia boss Stephen Elop saying he chose Windows Phone 7 over Android because it's more open, now Gruber is highlighting Apple developer Guy English's wacky analysis that Research in Motion is in a great position. Here's some of the logic from the English piece:

[RIMM's] waffling, obvious lack of a vision for the PlayBook product and the fact that they’ve got two CEOs and three COOs are all indicative of a company truly in trouble. Yet today we’ve seen these poorly communicated and arbitrary seeming decisions leave them unaffected directly by news that has changed the fortunes of everyone in the industry other than Apple.

-Kickingbear, March 31, 2011

Wack, wackier, wackiest? How about a couple of Balmer quotes on Google's imminent demise and then maybe Michael Dell on tablet strategy?

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  1. Don’t you think it’s weird that the only people who seem in any way affected, for good or ill, by this news are Apple trolls (whether amateur or professional)? And that it seems to be getting them rather worked up, considering they claim it’s a sign of their main rival failing in the market.

    No-one else cares enough to get angry until they have the actual facts, rather than tabloid muckraking. And even the article that set of this explosion of stupid ended with “Despite grumblings, Google’s Android mobile operating system is still open”.

    But as I said I find it particularly interesting that the common theme was that Google was forced to do this because Android was failing. I’d imagine the opposite would be more likely i.e. Android is clearly the next dominant OS, if you want a piece of the action then you need to play by Google’s rules or fork off. After all, what are your other options?

    • I’m starting to feel some fear from over at One Infinite Loop.

      iPhone growth is stagnating. Brazen attacks were made at the iPad 2’s unveiling, using very harsh words towards competitors. You don’t acknowledge the competition unless you have something to gain from it.

      Add the rumors of these bigger/smaller iPhones, iOS 5 being pushed back to add features, etc. Apple is starting to feel the heat and people like Gruber are starting to get angry because their utopian visions are crumbling.

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